AMNYTT 6/2021 - Page 91

Reliable and fl exible for unscheduled marking
Simple data entry
The THERMOMARK GO . K input fi eld prioritizes frequently used characters and offers an enormous selection of special characters . In addition , this handheld printer can store up to 20 projects and can generate eight types of barcodes .
Versatile material selection
The THERMOMARK GO . K processes a wide variety of different labels with a width of up to 24 mm . It also prints shrink sleeves and cable winding labels for fl exible conductor and cable marking .
Practical transport accessories
Take your printer with you . You ’ ll still have your hands free , whether it ’ s in the shoulder bag , on the practical belt clip , or in the transport case . Various accessories facilitate convenient transport of the THERMOMARK GO . K .
Easy handling , full fl exibility
The handheld THERMOMARK GO . K printer is ideally suited for fast marking on site . The printer is robust and easy to use . You can enter the print data intuitively via the keypad , and there is also a wide range of special characters and symbols available . The thermal transfer printer processes continuous media for marking cables , conductors , equipment , terminals , and plant marking .
Ideally formatted with automatic material detection
Versatile in application with approximately 80 continuous media materials up to a width of 24 mm
Tailored dimensions with easy cutting to length using the cutter
Easy operation using the practical keypad
Always ready for use with a high-performance rechargeable battery