AMNYTT 6/2021 - Page 88

Professional marking on-site THERMOMARK GO

The THERMOMARK GO mobile label printer and the MARKING system app allow you to create labels for industrial identifi cation directly on site . Simply design the markings on your smart device and send them to the printer .
The THERMOMARK GO also processes pre-punched labels in the same way as desktop printing systems . The innovative material design makes it possible for every label to be printed without material waste .
Your advantages
� Create labels for industrial identifi cation on site : Operate the mobile label printer entirely from your smart device
� Marking made easy : The MARKING system app guides users through the marking process
� Modern interfaces : Connect to your smart device wirelessly via Bluetooth or NFC
� Maximum scope of application : A wide range of applications in addition to pre-punched labels for greater fl exibility and even easier marking