AMNYTT 6/2021 - Page 85

One printer for all fi elds of application
Desktop interaction
The THERMOMARK PRIME can easily be managed in stationary use using a PC . Its wide variety of functions can be managed ideally via the PROJECT complete marking software .
Marking in the control cabinet
The THERMOMARK PRIME prints marking materials for all components used in control cabinet manufacturing . The printing system resolves this task directly on site with integrated marking software and energy on board .
On-the-go in industrial operation
Regardless of whether you are working with local installation sites or supply equipment – with a large selection of marking materials , the THERMOMARK PRIME offers the highest degree of fl exibility for the widest range of applications .
Printing directly on site
The mobile THERMOMARK PRIME thermal transfer printer allows you to create markings for terminal blocks , conductors , cables , devices and systems right where they will be used . It therefore saves you a great deal of time . The wide variety of different printing materials offers the correct marking for every component .
Easy data entry with fully integrated marking software
Convenient operation via an adjustable multi-touch display
Flexible fields of application with approximately 700 different marking materials
100 % independent with replaceable high-performance rechargeable battery
Ready to use right away with an ink ribbon that can be replaced in less than 10 seconds