AMNYTT 5/2020 - Page 89

EDITORIAL Skilled hands Stephan Frigge, General Manager Phoenix Contact Deutschland GmbH Dear readers, Summer 2020 has arrived, and this issue of our customer magazine is dedicated to a subject that at first glance may seem surprising. After all, we are predominantly perceived as being a partner of industry. But our entrepreneurial roots are not only in products for skilled control cabinet manufacturing and in connection technology for electricians. As always, skilled hands continue to enjoy great importance in our product portfolio. And of course the skill of the craftsman is there to be seen on our own company premises. Curious? Then enjoy reading about the following subjects: The evolutionary history of our E-Mobility subsidiary is not a long one, but as you will find out starting on page 10, the rise of this high-end manufactory has been breathtaking. The development of Smart Homes will also leave you breathless. Smart craftspeople are profiting from this. And they rely on products from our company – read more starting on page 16. Crazy images, crazy workplaces – industrial climbers are colorful characters. You can see and read what they have to do with Phoenix Contact starting on page 20. And a visit to our ultra-modern Training Center in Schieder shows just how committed our company is to training. Moreover, since the beginning of the year, Phoenix Contact has been supporting the Elektro+ initiative, in which building owners, modernizers, and specialized tradespeople, architects, and planners are made aware of the advantages of a modern, safe, and future-oriented electrical installation. So, as you can see, this issue’s topic, craft, is not all that surprising. Happy reading, The Phoenix Contact innovation magazine UPDATE 5/20 3