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8 Endress + Hauser Nytt

Industrial Ethernet protocols over Ethernet-APL

Ethernet-APL is a new physical layer for Ethernet – designed for the requirements of process industries . According to the ISO OSI model , the upper layers are independent of the physical layer . This means that any kind of industrial Ethernet protocol and standard Ethernet application can be implemented on top of Ethernet-APL .
5-7 : Session , presentation , application
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Data link
Industrial Ethernet real-time protocols , e . g . PROFINET , EtherNet / IP , Modbus TCP
Standard Ethernet Applications , e . g . http
Ethernet + TSN
Direct Layer 2 Access
Ethernet-APL transports relevant industrial Ethernet protocols and more .
Endress + Hauser starts with PROFINET as first industrial Ethernet protocol over Ethernet-APL . More protocols ( e . g . EtherNet / IP , Modbus TCP ) will follow in near future .
1 : Physical
Fast Ethernet
Ethernet-APL is a physical layer for process plants !
PROFINET and PA Profile 4
PROFINET is a well-established industrial Ethernet protocol with tens of millions installed devices worldwide . The protocol and related standards are specified by PROFIBUS PROFINET International , an organization with more than 1700 member companies . Most of the commonly used Distributed Control Systems are already able to operate with this protocol .
Besides supporting further standard Ethernet protocols ( DCP , LLDP , SNMP , etc .), PROFINET provides many features to enable the use in industrial environments : Redundancy concepts ensure the high availability of process plants and the integration of other technologies such as HART or PROFIBUS PA is supported .
With PA Profile 4 , a standardized solution for device integration and maintenance is available that can be used with PROFINET .
Use cases like defined in NAMUR Open Architecture or automatic device replacement are supported by this profile . In addition , harmonized diagnostic messages according NE107 are simplifying troubleshooting and increasing efficiency .
Good to know ! PROFINET with PA Profile 4 over Ethernet-APL is a perfect solution to enable value optimization .
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