AMNYTT 4/2022 | Page 83

Utilization and migration possibilities
Ethernet-APL networks require new components and shielded cables . For greenfield projects this is not a problem , but can devices which are not available with Ethernet-APL yet be integrated to the same Ethernet network ? And for brownfield projects : Are plant extensions and migrations to Ethernet-APL feasible and meaningful ? The answer to these questions is yes !
Greenfield :
• In greenfield projects , the described APL topologies can be adopted easily
• For device types that are not available with Ethernet-APL yet , there are possibilities to integrate them to the same network . Some examples are ... - APL field switches supporting the connection of both PROFINET-APL and PROFIBUS PA devices at the same switch - 4 to 20 mA HART devices can be integrated to the Ethernet backbone via Ethernet enabled remote IOs
Ready for the future by using Ethernet-APL technology in new projects !
• There are many different topologies with different technologies in place today : Central IO with marshalling rack , remote IOs integrated to industrial Ethernet , PROFIBUS DP / PA , PROFINET to PROFIBUS PA , FOUNDATION Fieldbus , etc .
• Plant extensions or even migrations to Ethernet-APL are always possible and , in most cases , also worthwhile ( e . g . as part of a plant modernization )
• In general , the following changes are necessary and to be checked ... - Replacement of remote IOs , junction boxes or field barriers by APL field switches - Change of cables on spur lines ( shielded fieldbus cable type A instead of unshielded cables ) - Change of cables to APL field switches ( fieldbus cable type A for trunk and spur topology or Ethernet cable / fiber optic cable for star topology ) - Industrial Ethernet interface in controller
Support for migration :
There are many ways how to get support by technology experts for migration purposes :
• Endress + Hauser Field Network Engineering → see service offering in separate box
• Endress + Hauser trainings → technology details explained by our certified trainers
• Ethernet-APL Engineering Guideline → migration examples are part of this guideline → download via www . endress . com / apl
Field Network Engineering :
Projects with intelligent devices are simpler than you think – with the right partner !
• Endress + Hauser offers expert support for digital communication technologies over all stages of the plant life cycle
• Supporting the selection of the right technology and system architecture components
• Rapid and risk-free device integration into the DCS or PLC system of your choice
• Pre-configuration , remote parameterization , parameter up- and downloads for faster setup and commissioning
Migration from 4 to 20 mA or fieldbus technologies to Ethernet-APL is possible .