AMNYTT 2/2021 - Page 97

Power and grids
Building automation
Industry automation
Infrastructure With our expertise , we have developed solutions for the technical and economic challenges of the respective times for nearly 100 years . We are therefore determined to take up the fight against climate change and actively help shape sustainable development .
As a part of this , we are focusing on the future vision of the All Electric Society because , based on the technical prospects , this provides an answer to the greatest challenges of our time . It describes a world in which electrical energy generated from renewable sources is available as the primary type of energy in sufficient quantities and affordable for everybody throughout the world .
This concept is based on the comprehensive electrification , automation , and networking of all sectors of industry and infrastructure . Using our many years of experience in combination with future-oriented digitalization expertise , we are empowering industry and society to accelerate the implementation of this transformation . Take inspiration from our software solutions , new products , and new technologies for the path towards greater sustainability .
Frank Stührenberg , CEO Phoenix Contact
Sector coupling
Sector coupling – the key to the All Electric Society
Networked solutions in solar generation and e-mobility 8
Products for Electrification 8 Automation 20 Networking 30
Real-time-capable Ethernet and 360 ° Security 32