AMNYTT 2/2021 - Page 128

Cybersecurity 360 ° protection

Cybersecurity is more than a product . Good protection against cyber attacks can only be achieved if coordinated technical and organizational measures are intermeshed . We therefore provide 360 ° Security , which simplifies the protection of systems and secures them from all sides . Our processes have already been certified several times in accordance with IEC 62443 .
Industrial cybersecurity
We provide standardized security in products , industrial solutions , and services for the future-proof operation of machines , systems , and infrastructure . Security is firmly rooted in the entire life cycle of our products and solutions . Our approach is to make state-of-the-art security manageable , for example through easy configuration , integrated security functions , sophisticated comprehensive solutions , and supportive consulting services . The long-term availability of necessary updates also means that our components have a long useful life .

Secure systems phoenixcontact . com / security

Certified in accordance with IEC 62443-2-4 : We will support you in evaluating your individual security level and improving your security setup .
Secure solutions
Certified in accordance with IEC 62443-3-3 : We combine our expertise and products to create secure automation solutions .
Training programs
In a range of seminars and training programs , we will promote your employees ’ security awareness and explain how to work with the important standards and components .