AMNYTT 2/2021 - Page 127

Managed Switches for TSN
The new FL Switch TSN 2300 devices are the first Managed Switches for Time-Sensitive Networking ( TSN ) from Phoenix Contact . By supporting the Profinet TSN profile , data can be transmitted deterministically and in real time in Ethernet networks , regardless of the protocol . The new devices support all functions of the well-known FL SWITCH 2000 product family , and thus allow the simple migration of current network solutions into state-of-the-art TSN architectures . They therefore increase the performance , robustness , and availability of your networks .
Previously , real time-critical applications and data-intensive applications were realized via different systems to prevent reciprocal interference . With TSN , future applications with the widest range of requirements on bandwidth and timeliness can be realized “ via one cable ”, i . e ., in one Ethernet network . With time synchronization and data flow prioritization , hard real-time requirements , for example for safety and motion applications , can be met despite the parallel communication of other systems .
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