AMNYTT 2/2021 - Page 125

Contactless power and data transmission
You can now transmit power and real-time Ethernet data without contact across distances of up to 10 mm with the robust NearFi couplers . Furthermore , our NearFi Technology , developed in house , allows latency-free and protocol-independent Ethernet communication . At the same time , the limited wireless range of just a few millimeters also ensures security and permits several parallel applications in the tightest of spaces .
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NearFi Technology
Designed by Phoenix Contact
Ethernet in real time
NearFi transmits Ethernet data at speeds of up to 100 Mbps without latency and regardless of protocol . You can therefore use all conventional Ethernet protocols with NearFi .
Inductive power transmission
The couplers also allow inductive power transmission . With active closed-loop control , the power is maintained at a constant 50 W across an operating range of 10 mm .
Diagnostics via LED
The all-around LED ring clearly displays the operational readiness of the coupling path , even in difficult-to-access installation points .