AMNYTT 2/2021 - Page 111

The new standard in automation technology
M12 push-pull connectors lock into place conveniently and reliably simply by plugging them in . The male and female versions allow you to connect sensors easily . Flying leads are easy to implement in the field . Raised M12 push-pull device ports allow you to extend existing cabling concepts easily .
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Plug and Produce
With the M12 push-pull locking system , plugging is now reliable and convenient – even in confined spaces . You will reduce installation times by up to 80 % compared to screw connections .
Flexibility through compatibility
M12 push-pull flush-type connectors are plug-compatible with the established M12 screw connectors and the push-pull locking systems of other manufacturers .
More compact designs
The new M12 push-pull concept with countersunk M12 ports allows flush integration into the housing . This lets you design more compact devices due to the higher packing density .