American Valor Quarterly Issue 3 - Summer 2008 - Page 22

General Goodpaster speaks at the World War II Veterans Committee’s annual conference. General Goodpaster spoke at every conference during its early years, lending his prestige and credibility. Seated next to him is American Veterans Center president, James C. Roberts. of his own: “There must be, within our Ar my, a sense of purpose and a dedication to that purpose. There must be a willingness to march a little farther, to carry a heavier load, to step out into the darkness and the unknown for the safety and well-being of others.” That is the soldier’s task. Monday 25 December 1944 (Christmas Day): “Three days earlier, we had five officers in the company; now we are down to only one, Lieutenant Green.” “At this point, our company is down to less than 100 men, and our daily casualties are from 15 to 20.” Tuesday 26 December 1944: “Only five men are left in our squad today, but we are the biggest one in the platoon.” Wednesday 27 December 1944: “We received five replacements in our squad, doubling its size.” Thursday 28 December 1944: “Our platoon is down to around 20 men, loosely grouped into three squads.” Friday 29 December 1944: “We moved up to the paratroopers and talked with them for a few minutes. We were impressed by One of General Abrams’ favorite sayings was that “people are how much more rested they