American Valor Quarterly Issue 3 - Summer 2008 - Page 2

American Valor Quarterly A Quarterly Publication of the American Veterans Center World War II Veterans Committee National Vietnam Veterans Committee Summer 2008 Feature 4 -In This Issue- The 2008 National Memorial Day Parade A recap of the Fourth Annual National Memorial Day Parade, our nation’s largest Memorial Day celebration presented by the American Veterans Center. Articles 8 Reflections by General James H. Doolittle Prior to his passing in 1993, Jimmy Doolittle shared his thoughts on the military, pilots, and life. In this issue, we print these reflections, as well as the original proposed plan to attack Japan in 1942. 13 Baa Baa Black Sheep An excerpt from Veterans Chronicles Brigadier General Bruce Matheson of the famed Black Sheep Squadron tells the story of “Boyington’s Bastards.” Master of the Calculated Risk Jimmy Doolittle with his crew, just prior to their famous raid. Lt. Col. Richard E. Cole, standing next to Doolittle, will join the American Veterans Center’s 11th Annual Conference this November to recount his memories of General Doolittle and the raid. On April 18, 1942, Jimmy Doolittle led sixteen B-25 planes on a daring raid on the Japanese homeland. In this issue, we share some thoughts from the General written prior to his passing which demonstrate the qualities that made him a hero to generations of Americans. Principled Leadership by Dr. Lewis S. Sorley In 2007, the American Veterans Center inaugurated the Andrew J. Goodpaster Prize and Lecture in honor of one of America’s finest military men. The first lecture was delivered by Vietnam veteran and Pulitzer Prize-nominated historian Lewis Sorley, who examined the career, and character, of several distinguished veterans. 23 Department of Defense Photo 17 Shock Medicine by Luis Fonseca Jr. The eyewitness account of the 2003 Battle of Nasiriyah from the first corpsman to receive the Navy Cross in over three decades. Now playing at AVC Video! Bob Feller talks about his World War II experience at the 2006 conference as televised by C-SPAN. Feller, and other Major League Baseball players who served in WWII will join the 2008 conference. Not able to make the Annual Conference? Miss the National Memorial Day Parade? Don’t worry! The American Veterans Center is proud to share video clips from all of our events on our website at Log on today to watch America’s greatest heroes share their stories! Hollywood legend and World War II veteran Mickey Rooney speaks on the importance of Memorial Day during the television broadcast of the 2008 National Memorial Day Parade.