American Valor Quarterly Issue 3 - Summer 2008 - Page 16

Thank You For Your Support! The American Veterans Center, with its two divisions - the World War II Veterans Committee and the National Vietnam Veterans Committee - is grateful for your continued support in our shared mission of preserving the history and legacy of America’s veterans and service members. Through its various programs, the Center has sought to provide an outlet for veterans to share their experiences with the public, and to teach their lessons to the younger generation. The support of thousands of individuals across America has allowed the Center to expand its efforts over the years, instituting a number of quality projects, including: How You Can Help The National Memorial Day Parade Our nation’s largest Memorial Day commemorative event. Annual Veterans Conference A gathering of America’s greatest military heroes, where their stories are recorded for posterity. Documentaries and Radio Series Programs including Veterans Chronicles, Proudly We Hail, and the upcoming Medal of Honor Moment. American Valor Quarterly Our magazine devoted entirely to first-hand accounts from the eyewitnesses to the great and tragic moments in military history. Youth Activities and Educational Outreach Including scholarships, internships, and opportunities for students to learn from our military men and women. All of our programs, including this magazine, are solely funded through the voluntary contributions of individuals like you. If you would like to support our work, please send your tax-deductible donation in the enclosed envelope today or visit our website at Every bit helps, and we remain grateful for your support. Supporting Our Troops Featuring regular steak d [