American Valor Quarterly Issue 3 - Summer 2008 - Page 12

The Navy has already super vised takeoff tests made at Norfolk, Virginia, using B-25B bombers carrying loads of 23,000 pounds, 26,000 pounds, and 29,000 pounds. These tests indicate that no difficulty need be anticipated in taking off from the carrier deck with a gross load of around 31,000 pounds. drop their bombs may be used to indicate arrival at gassing points some six or seven hours later. Care must be exercised to see that the Chinese are advised just in time, as any information given to the Chinese may be expected to fall into Japanese hands and a premature notification would be fatal to the project. An initial study of meteorological conditions indicates that the sooner the raid is made the better will be the prevailing weather conditions. The weather will become increasingly unfavorable after the end of April. Weather was considered largely from the point of view of avoiding morning fog over Tokyo and other targets, low overcast over Chuchow and Chungking, icing, and strong westerly winds. If possible, daily weather predictions or anticipated weather The Navy will be conditions at Chungking and the coast should be sent, at a specified charged with pro- time, in suitable code, in order to assist the meteorologist on the viding a carrier carrier in analyzing his fore