American Valor Quarterly Issue 3 - Summer 2008 - Page 10

Religion I have supreme confidence in the efficacy of prayer and believe, wholeheartedly, in the Golden Rule. I know that bringing God into the picture has made a big difference in many situations I’ve faced. Not that God should remove obstacles or grant special protection or favors but he helps give one confidence and power to overcome the difficulty and fear. Prayer doesn’t need a dramatic answer to be effective. And there have been times when without prayer to help guide me, I’ve done stupid and foolhardy things. This is enough proof for me. Proposal for the Bombing Attack on Tokyo White House Photo President Ronald Reagan and Senator Barry Goldwater pin General Doolittle’s fourth star on his uniform in a ceremony on April 10, 1985. Lt. Col. Doolittle had earned a doctorate degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and knew the get traffic tickets fixed or hear you lie about their age in order to necessity for thorough planning for any assigned task. After being get them into a movie at half-price, they’re going to discount all given the order in January 1942 to plan a secret mission to retaliate your pious talk about morality. for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, he knew that modified Army B-25 Mitchell bombers launched from a Navy aircraft A parent must learn to say “No” occasionally, especially when carrier was the only way it could be done at that time. children are in their formative years. A parent has to be a companion, someone a child can turn to with problems, someone Doolittle wrote the following proposal to General Henry H. who cares. It’s really a very subtle and complex relationship. I Arnold, commander of the Army Air Forces. It is this document don’t think laying down the law does much good; people have that led to one of the most daring attacks of World War II; it had to make their own mistakes and learn from them. far-reaching favorable effects on American morale, and was such a psychological blow to the Japanese that they changed their Why America is Great strategy in the Pacific by attacking Midway Island and lost four carriers and hundreds of men and planes to American forces. There are certain human qualities that make this country great: Although some changes were made during preparations for the 1. Courage, physical and moral. mission, this classic document shows why Doolittle became known 2. Integrity, honesty in word and deed. as “Master of the Calculated Risk.” 3. Intelligence, a knowledge of things and of people. 4. Ambition, a willingness to work, to strive mightily to Subject B-25 Special Project attain our ends – but not at the expense of others. To: Commanding General, Army Air Forces 5. Patriotism, a willingness to place country above self. 6. Discipline, a capacity for orderly conduct, self-imposed. The purpose of this special project is to bomb and fire the 7. Respect, for the person of superior attainments, for i