American Security Today's 2016 CHAMPIONS EDITION Digital Magazine AST 2016 CHAMPIONS EDITION | Page 2

Table of Contents The Best of 2016 ‘ ASTORS ’ Homeland Security Award Winners Year in Review Improving Situational Awareness for Airborne SAR Missions Airbus H130 : The New Standard for EMS Missions FLIR ’ s New Radiation Detectors for Police & First Responders DEA : Fentanyl-Related Overdose Deaths Rising at an Alarming Rate AppGuard Takes Platinum for Best Cyber Anti-Malware Solution S5 PTZ Security Robot Wins Leading Industry Awards ( See in Action ) Innovation for Retail Surveillance Demands Smart Storage – Quantum Securiport Credited with Airport Interception of Dangerous Fugitive Former Special Forces Urges Trump to Prioritize Mental Health Care in VA Reform 3 Tips for Using Turnstiles to Reduce Active Shooter Risk ( Video ) ‘ Stop the Bleed ’ - What YOU Need to Know in an Emergency Explosives Detection at Gate of Canadian Parliament Hill Protecting Borderless Networks CHERRY Smart Card Readers Take Platinum in ‘ ASTORS ’ Awards Smart Identities Speed Passengers through Airports – SITA The Metamorphosis of Mirai Tyco Security Products Launches Shooter Detection System Integration JIATF-S Works to Stem Flow of Drug Trafficking & Criminal Networks Axon Connects TASER Weapons to Wearable Cameras PrymeBlu BTH-300 Bluetooth Headset , Best Mobile Assy Device Pearl Harbor ’ s Legacy of Comebacks and Valor by Charles E . Schmidt Yes , you can have Cheaper , Better & Faster Radiation Detection Pivot3 Hyperconverged Solutions Win Top Tech Innovation Honors Spire AirSafe Tracking to Prevent & Reduce Response Time to Airline Disasters Cyber Security & Packet Capture : Making the Connection Switzerland Opens the Longest Train Tunnel in the World Are You Listening to Your Headphones , or are Your Headphones Listening to You ? New Extreme Vetting Supports Worldwide Counterterrorism Efforts RapidSOS Takes Platinum in 2016 ‘ ASTORS ’ Awards COPsync Aids in Arrest of Suspects in Murder of NC Mom & Daughter SureID ’ s RAPIDGate Wins Two Homeland Security Awards Modeling DOD Antiterrorism Strategies for High Occupancy Spaces Fallen ATF Agent Honored with Ariel Rios Federal Building ( Learn More ) Keep Your Dogs & Cats Safe From Holiday Hazards Iris ID Biometric System Selected by U . S . Private Vaults
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