American Pit Bull Terrier Gazette Volume 41 Issue 4 | Page 2

“The Bagman” “The Bagman, a modern dog that would be a candidate for the best in the world.” ~Richard Stratton~ "Mayday has been my life. I can write 10,000 words about Mayday & The Bagman, their journey, ancestors and genetics. If I have to Restar t Now, The Bagman Is My Choice." ~Victor Aycart~ Aycart’s “Ronin” ^Lopez’ “Awesome Buck” Red Tide’s “Cheyenne” Openhouse’s “King Amock” ^Robertson’s “Doc Holiday” Robertson’s “Tinker” Fahring’s “Wiskey” ^ "THE BAGMAN" Hollingsworth’s “Ch” May-Day” ^Aycart’s “Damian” Rodriguez’ “Miss Yellow” Openhouse’s “Brutal Baby” ^Lopez’ “Awesome Buck” Openhouse’s “Awesome Baby” Ramirez’ “Alondra” Hollingsworth’s “Ch” May-Day” Rodriguez’ “Miss Yellow” Aycart & Red Tide’s “Crash” Aycart & Red Tide’s “Tarna” Robertson’s “Leroy” Rocca’s “Daphne” Viera’s “Cyclone” Robertson’s “Ginger Ale” Tant’s “Ch” Yellow” Hollingsworth’s “Dolly” Waldman’s “Ch” Buck” Rodriguez’ “AwesomE Baby” Aycart’s “Ronin” Red Tide’s “Cheyenne” Gaston’s “357” Aycart’s “Macha” Shipping Worldwide Now! ^ I ndicates DNA P rofiled A ll D ogs R aised , B red A nd S old F or L egal P urposes