American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 98




8 . APUM : Is there a place you shelf those feelings or ways you cope with the heartache and ugly parts of the job so that you can focus on helping others each day ? LEA : Nursing is not about being an individual , but about being part of a team where everyone plays a vital role . This means that when you are dealing with a loss and are feeling low , you always have the support of your coworkers who have experienced the same situation . Plus , you focus on the wins , not the losses , and use those to recharge your battery . 9 . APUM : Tell us about your hobbies : are you a thrill-seeker , risk-taker , adrenaline junkie ? LEA : I used to be a risk-taker and loved adrenaline- , based activities but perhaps due to my job I ’ ve become more safety oriented over time . I used to skydive , dirt bike , snowmobile , etc . Currently I still enjoy fast cars , fast boats , and big fast trucks . Of course , with my move to AZ , shooting has become one of my more dominant hobbies as well . 10 . APUM : What led to your passion and interest in weapons ? LEA : I was always into fast cars , having one myself , and it seems that people who enjoy fast cars also usually enjoy firearms , so you end up being exposed to those as well from your circle of friends . Back home in Massachusetts , because of the tight laws and political atmosphere , the shooting community is very happy to include new shooters in activities , and to pick up a new pro-2A voter for the state . Everything for firearms was more difficult in MA , but that challenge also made it more exciting as well , such as getting my license to carry there . 11 . APUM : You ’ ve created a huge following on social media , did you plan on that and were you surprised when it happened ? LEA : My social media following was not planned or deliberate , in fact , I still have no plan or concrete goal with it . It grew out of my personal Instagram that I ’ d had for years which had been of normal size . After moving to AZ , I started posting funny / trolling photos to my friends back in Massachusetts about what was possible in Arizona for firearms owners . The posts turned out to be popular with a lot more people than I had anticipated . I was not aware of the existence of Second Amendment related social media at that time , it was about making photos that people in my circle would think were funny or be jealous over . 12 . APUM : Women in shooting sports are exploding because quite frankly , women like you are sharing the fun and thrill of shooting . Do you feel like an inspiration or role model to others , do you get mail thanking you for being a role model for young women and girls ? LEA : I definitely don ’ t feel like an inspiration or role model ... If anything , I feel more like a goofy tour guide , letting people see what is possible , fun , and safe . I consider myself to be a “ weekender ” in shooting sports , so the terms “ inspiration ” and “ role model ” are not a good fit and don ’ t really apply in my mind . I do get some pretty nice messages from people and it is very humbling . 13 . APUM : Do you have some favorite companies in the industry ?
PATRIOT AUTHORS NETWORK Patriot Authors Network Offers Readers Stories of Patriotism, Exceptionalism, and Servant Leadership After college, Vera accepted an appointment as a staff assistant to a United States Senator where he managed military and veteran constituent services. Vera left government staff work to pursue a career in financial banking. He worked in various leadership positions for eighteen years and was a respected financial advisor before feeling the tug that something bigger was calling. Vera and his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, in 2000 and he became active in his church, outdoor, and veteran causes. He’s an experienced mountain and canyon guide and uses those skills to lead small groups of wounded veterans on expeditions across the Grand Canyon and other locations each year. In 2004, Vera worked directly with the Tillman family to help establish the Pat Tillman Foundation. He is a business mentor to veteran entrepreneurs through the Patriot Boot Camp program and a trusted advisor to a number of nonprofit organizations including: Wounded Wear, Co X][Y[][ۋHY[B[][ۋܛ\[ۋ[[\][ [[\ܙ\ Hۋ\ٚ]]\˜[[H]\وX]]\[Hܚ[HHY[[X[ܚ\\Mؙ\\H\ܛ X\[][X]܋܂ݙ\HXYK\H\[[Y\Y[\[[]\[\[]YܚH]\[&\X[[[\H\Y\ۋ\ٚ][Z\[ˈܚY[[BHX\X\]\HX\YHX[ܸ&\و\™YܙYH[]X[Y[HHۈYH\BH\H[[ۈ܈H[X[KNBH\[ܜZ]