American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 94

PATRIOTWARES THE SCOPE SETTER 94 the scope. His answer (and I knew he’d have one) was that, unlike similar products on the market, a single detached precision level is used because it’s critical to use the same level for a single point of reference on both the Scope Setter and scope. Makes perfect sense to me. The machining on the Scope Setter is perfectly done and there’s a sense of precision that’s obvious from the moment you open the packaging. As of this writing, the Scope Setter can only be purchased through Inventure’s website at, for what I believe to be a very reasonable price of $119.95. This is an American-made product that does exactly what it claims to do. Before using the Scope Setter, I could only hope that my reticles were level…now I know they are, and that piece of mind is easily worth the asking price. Check it out and save yourself some frustration the next time you mount a scope on a Picatinny rail!. n Matt Thomas .Chief Deputy/Former SWAT Commander .23 Years Law Enforcement .Devoted Husband & Father my freedoms. my country. my nra. See the latest at