American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 92

PATRIOTWARES THE SCOPE SETTER Table top adjustment makes for simple optic alignment. Scope Setter: a section of Picatinny rail, a cross bar to stabilize the rail (forming a tripod), and a detached precision level. The cross bar and level tuck neatly away inside of the Picatinny rail when not in use, so the unit takes up very little room when stored. To use, simply loosen the captured knurled thumbscrew to separate the cross bar from the Pic rail, and then attach the cross bar to the front of the rail, forming a “T”. Next, use the included level to level the Pic rail of the Scope Setter (there are notches at both the front and rear of the rail for the level to sit in) by adjusting the two rubber feet on the cross bar by screwing them in or out to change elevation. After you have the device leveled, attach the rings to the rail (with scope loosely installed in them) and level the scope by placing the level on the turret (or any other flat surface on the optic). Then, carefully tighten down the ring screws and double check that both the Scope Setter and scope are still level. Done deal. 93 92 Doing this at my kitchen table and nailing it on my first try (yes, it’s that easy) was nirvana! The Scope Setter comes with well-written directions that clearly describe the process, and Inventure’s website is very helpful as well. All that was left was to remove the Larue mount (complete with perfectly level Vortex scope) from the Scope Setter’s Picatinny rail and cinch it down onto my AR-15. As much as I despise the term, it was indeed…easy peasy (sorry, couldn’t help myself). The one question I asked Tony after I’d used his awesome little product was why not build a level into the Pic rail itself, and then include a second level for the scope? That way, I explained, you wouldn’t have to move the level back and forth from the Setter to View short video on Scope Setter