American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 86

86 Vortex Zero Stop Turrets make it easy to return to precise zero. much, but I was truly impressed by its simple yet effective assistance in perfecting opticreticle alignment. I also installed a set of Vortex defender scope covers while I was at it. These scope covers do not come with the scope, but I highly recommend them. The scope covers are made right here in the good ole USA, and are top notch. It was still dark when I headed out in the morning. I wanted a chance to get a little low light shooting in and test the light gathering capability of the scope. I hollered at the dog that it was time to load up, and got that look from him that said, “You realize it’s early, dark, and freezing cold, dummy?” It was in the twenty-something degrees outside with ice on the deck and we could see our own breath as we headed for the rig. I fired up the old ranch truck and off we went. A squirrelly drive and 20 minutes later we arrived at my shooting bench; and the Vortex 3-18x50 HD Gen II did not fail to impress. The low light gathering capabilities through the 50mm objective lens and 34mm tube were outstanding throughout the whole range of power. Slightly numb and trembling hands from the morning freeze, I loaded my Remington 700, .308. With a gentle squeeze of the trigger and a crack of the first round leaving the gun, we were off and shooting. It’s always great when you find paper on your first shot during the sight-in on a new optic, but old man Murphy on a cold morning always has a vote. To my surprise, the first round was dead center and 2” high at 100 yards. My trusty bore-sighting device worked 87 L-Tec adjustment tool provides multiple adjustment in one easy tool. again. I ran a standard box test, returned the scope to zero, and it was dead on. I also performed a more unconventional method, that I like to call the “etch-a-sketch method.” I crank the elevation and windage knobs in a random pattern to the extremes, then back again to the scope’s zero, to see what impact it has on the optic. Once again, the scope was still dead-on with no shift of impact. I did not experience any shift of impact from the lowest setting all the way to the highest setting of the smooth magnification adjustment ring. Vortex includes a handy little adjustment device they call the L-Tec Adjustment tool. It has a slot screw driver on one end and an hex key- wrench attachment on the other. While most of us have those items, it’s a little more than handy to have both in one compact tool. The clicks in the L-Tec dials were precise and absolute. There are no mushy clicks on this scope. The illuminated dial for the reticle is built within the side focus knob. Simply pull out the dial and adjust by rotating either direction. It has eleven brightness settings with an off position between each setting. The optic was great in the low lighting situation, crisp and clear. Unlike some other scopes I own, I found the adjustable side focus, used to focus your target in clearly, was a book by its cover. First impressions are lasting and almost impossible to change. But, let’s be honest, if you drop serious money on a beautiful weapon only to spend more serious money on an optic to compliment it, it can’t be a mutt. So, let’s get past the cover, open the book, and turn the pages. I inspected and scrutinized the scope from head to toe. My thought was, “Damn I can’t find any flaws. May not be my job to find them, but sheesh. Vortex said it was waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof, hmm, we’ll see.” I put the scope in my deep-freezer overnight and then put it in a bucket of warm water. No fogging, no bubbles, no problems, just a wet scope! When I got the scope, I was also handed a scope alignment device that a couple of creative guys in Idaho at Inventure Engineering and Machine developed. These folks developed a tabletop device called the Scope Setter that simplifies optic orientation and reticle alignment. The device is profiled by Rob Olive in this issue of the magazine, as well, so I won’t elaborate too PATRIOTWARES VORTEX 3-18X50MM RAZOR HD GEN II