American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 84



PATRIOT WARES 84 VORTEX 3-18X50mm Razor HD Gen II Story by JAYBERGSTROM, Staff Writer Images by RW Stewart Working in the gun industry for over twenty years, I feel like I’ve seen and heard just about everything when it comes to product claims. I wouldn’t say it’s jaded my opinion to the point of skepticism, I’d just say it’s made me “Reaganesque” in my ‘trust but verify” approach to product reviews. I’ve heard a great deal about Vortex optics over the years, but in full disclosure, I’ve never explored their product line or had an occasion to use them. There is a lot of glass out there, and some pretty big names in the industry that make great glass have been pushed and challenged in the last few years by companies like Vortex who intently listen to their customer base and build optics that perform like they should cost more. By standards of performance, features, durability and clarity, these optics hold their own and are extremely price competitive. Like manna from heaven, I was presented with the Vortex 3-18x50mm Razor HD Gen II for products testing by our Editor in Chief Rick Stewart at American Patriots Unsung Magazine. The mission was pretty simple: mount this optic to a rifle and give it a thorough testing and objective evaluation. Rick said that he has been a fan of Vortex ever since his good friend and legendary sniper Ed Eaton introduced him to them at the Oregon Sniper Challenge in 2011. I reached out to Eaton for this story and he was happy to share his thoughts with me. “My first Vortex product was a pair of binoculars. Impressed, I’ve continued using Vortex products ever since. I have their scopes on most all of my rifles, from red dots on up. I continue to use their binoculars for a number of purposes. They just plainly have great glass and continue to listen to what sportsmen and vets want and need. I’ve had the privilege of meeting the owner Dan Hamilton (also a Vietnam Vet). He and his sons continue to raise the bar every year. If you talk to any of his empl 啕̰$ٔ׊eɸݡЁѡ͔́ɔи)%ӊéɕЁɥ䁉ɕѡЁѡɥɕt)$ɕԁѡЁ$eЁݸYѕ̰Ё$ݸЁՅ䁝́ɽݡѼ)ɔQYѕ̴Iȁ!%$ѡЁ$ѕѕ́Ё H )5%1IɕѥݥѠѵ͍Չ)Yѕ́ѡ̴%$ݥѠ5=ȁ5%1Iɕѥɕ́ѼɕA䁽)ɝյ́չٕȁ5=5єѥ́х͡ɥɕЁٕ)5%1I5Iѥ́եЁɥɕиQɝՔ́ѕȁѡѡȁ́)ͥ쁑ɕЁɽ́ȁɕЁ̸$ٔՍ́ݥѠѠɅхɝЁ͡ѥ($IЁЁѡЁ䁭эх$݅́Սѡѥϊd̸eԁ͡ձeЁՑ()P HP HP T8L8P H$P