American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 8



Story by RickStewart
08 A good athlete in school,, Mantz had his pilot’s license at age 17. JROTC was an important part of his focus for future service. and methodically focused on his goal to get an appointment to the academy. “He was so focused,” his mother told me, “that he not only had one congressional recommendation, but two from his state representatives. Josh was always kind of a serious kid and when he put his mind to something there was no deterring him.” “My mother is probably the strongest woman I know,” Mantz recalls, “not only because she could go on and provide for two young kids after the death of my father, but because once she knew her son wanted to pursue the military, not once did she try to dissuade me from that path. I was given a l )݅䁅́Ё$ݥͼЁѡЁ$)݅́ɅЁɽܻt($!́ѡЁѡх䁥́)ɕ䁥ѕ͔ɥɅѕ)ͥѡЁ݅丁%ӊéɅ)ԁЁЁͻeЁѽչѥѡ)ԁѡɽ܁ȁЁѡȸ($q$ɕȁѡЁЁ䁅́ѡ䁉ɽ՝)ٕ剽䁥ѼѡɅՑѽɥմݥѠ)ɕ̸ЁхЁѡ䁍)ѡ܁́ٔѡȁɕ́)݅ٔ唸QЁЁ݅́ѡ)͕ݔѕѡɅ)ȵ啅ȁɥͼѕ͔ѡЁ$ѥ)ձЁѼЁѼѡ̸YͥȁѼ)ݡЁѕͽ́ЁЁѡ)ɍ́ɽչхѕ啱Ё̸)́ݔݕɔՕq )-ݱtѡЁݔݕɔѕѼ)ɥ锸Qхͬ݅́ɕ䁥ͥ)չȁՍɕɔ٥ɽЁ)ȁݱȁɔѼɕєЁ)ѡɽѡЁ݅́ɕձѕͽ)ɴ͍͕ѡ)٥5ѡЁ݅ѕѼѡ)х䁅Ѽ]ЁAи($q$ɕ܁Mչ䰁Aم)͵ѽݸ԰ѡѡЁЁ)Aمѡѡ)5չх̸ѡє)ѕхѡɽ՝Ё͍$)ѡ)I=Q ɽɅ͍͕Ё)͔ȁѡх䁅ѡ䁅)]ЁAЁѡЁ$ٕȁѕɕɽt($%́)I=Q ɽɅ5聵Ёѡ)ɕ́ݥѠ́͡Ʌѕ)ɕɥȁх䁱͡)MɝЁ5ȁ՜YȁA݅́)Mɍ́MɝЁ5ȁݡ)ɕѥɕɽѠɽ5ɕ胊q՜)݅́ЁѡMչ)Ёѡɥ䁽́ɕ)չչѕȁ՜Ʌѥ́MѠ)ɥ]ɕѥɕͥ)Ѽхٕȁѡ́͵)չȁI=Q ɽɅ)ѡݡɔѼх䁍ѕ)ٽٕ!ѽչȁ́ݥ)͔܁ѡЁ$݅́ݸ)хѠQɥɽ՝Ё݅)չɕѕȁ͍՜݅)ͼݕѕѡЁձٽ) ѕȁѡ)ѡщхմх)ɽ)I=Q ́ѼɅ)ɍ͕́Ё9ѥՅɐ͔])ݕɔ䁅Ё٥ѥ)չх͕̰ɕѡ)ՙѡЁ׊e͕ͽ́)ɥɵхɅЁݔݕɔ)͍t($Ё役ݡ܁5聑ɥ)͍ݥѕԁѡЁ݅́ɥٕ())d= e9L