American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 74

JAY DOBYNS 74 model for what a successful healthcare practice looks like – and it’s altogether different than practicing medicine. Boulder Crest Retreat Ranch is true: mind, body, and spirit “health” care. With the Grand Opening behind us now, the real hard work starts – healing heroes. One family at a time. Arizona’s Boulder Crest Retreat Ranch leverages the power of nature and the human connection to bring healing and personal growth to our nation’s combat veterans, first responders, and their family members. For more information and photos of the ranch visit n Boulder Crest Retreat Ranch is true: mind, body, and spirit “health” care. 75 The Boulder Crest Grand Opening event was a great success on so many levels: It bridged the civilian-veteran chasm by allowing those who have never served a unique opportunity to share time with those who have. Together everyone experienced the full weight of the honor, pride, and sacrifice rooted in each warrior. The event showed what is possible when vision and hard work are fully aligned, and perhaps most importantly, the event displayed the Founder Ken Falke is a warrior with a heart for warriors. A combat wounded veteran himself, he knows that trying to medicate a warrior out of any affliction is not the proper path to helping them.