American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 70

70 Group sessions, private time, meditation, and even music has a purpose in Post Traumatic Growth. Falke then took the stage and explained why Boulder Crest was so vital to our nation. “Our mission is to help heal our nation’s combat veterans, first responders, and their families. We all have the option to suffer productively, to leverage our past, to transform our futures, and achieve posttraumatic growth; we have developed the only known curriculum to do this.” Mr. Falke then yielded the stage to the Senior Chief Petty Officer Edward C. Byers. Jr. Byers is the only active duty US Navy SEAL to wear the Medal of Honor. In his mid 30s, Senior Chief Byers has already lived a lifetime. His stature, composure, and words do not align with his youthful appearance. Byers told the story of a mission in Afghanistan where he and his team successfully rescued an American doctor from his Taliban captors. Byers explained to the audience that war is a different occupation in that everything can go according to plan, and the mission can be a success, and people can still die. This is what makes Senior Chief Byers and his fellow warriors different from the rest of us, they all know the risk and they go forward anyway. Byers described the heroic acts of his friends and teammates. He spoke about their skills, courage, and professionalism. He shared with us the loss of his close friend. Senior Chief Byers shared that the medal around his neck was not his, but rather, it represents all his fellow warriors. Byers closing revealed his priorities, thanking God, his family, his warrior brothers, and then the crowd in attendance. The crowd then stood 71 JAY DOBYNS