American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 52

52 just as amusing as the almost silent click from a well-suppressed .22. 16. APUM: Can you tell me about Milo the ankle missile? LEA: Milo is a recent addition to my life. Like all mini-doxies, he has a huge personality. I call him an ankle missile because when he runs with you, he hasn’t quite figured out how that all works and will end up underfoot, hitting your ankles, and getting squished. We are still working on it. At this point, we’ve got the “sit” command worked out pretty well, and he brings back any toy you throw, so things are off to a great start. 17. APUM: I think people love the sense of humor in your posts… you don’t seem to take yourself too seriously. Professional by day and adventurous and fun when you get the chance to be. LEA: I think there is no need to be serious, social media is somewhat funny to begin with... You can’t quite be sure what’s real and what isn’t. Plus, in terms of firearms, I think showing a friendlier and funnier side to gun ownership leads us in a positive direction. Only showing firearms as serious, dangerous, and as deadly weapons doesn’t have a good long-term outcome for private ownership. 18. APUM: Is there a story behind the name @leaspeed6? LEA: This was the name of my personal Instagram that I had for years, and comes from my love of fast cars... I owned a 2006 black cherry Mazda Speed6, standard transmission. I sold it when I moved to AZ but of course kept my Instagram screenname, LEA: I tend to own brands that my expert friends own, trust, and recommend. If I have a good experience with something I tend to remain loyal to that company for future purchases. For me, it’s important to look at company that employs good people. I look at what their core values are, and how they treat their customers. I don’t want to show things to my followers that will cause them problems or disappointment. 14. APUM: From your videos, it looks like you’re left-handed. Do you have an appreciation for companies that think ambidextrous? Do you ever have a problem with certain weapons that are not ambidextrous or is that not an issue? LEA: Yes, I am left-handed and left eye dominant, and I do appreciate companies that make ambi-products, given that we are a minority in the market place. For the most part, I can manage and use right-handed firearms pretty well; an example would be such as bolt action rifles, left-handed shooters are used to adapting. With some firearms, you do get a lot more of the gas in your face so you learn to not breath in. 15. APUM: I love the smile on your face when you’re shooting. It doesn’t seem to matter if you’re shooting .50-cal, full auto, or suppressed, your videos convey the fun of shooting everything. LEA: There are so many fun items out there for all sorts of different shooting sports and styles. There really is something for everyone, and I pretty much like most everything. Sometimes the massive recoil of a .50 cal is 53 JAY DOBYNS