American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 40

JAY DOBYNS 40 Rick Stewart Editor in Chief 416 R Stainless Steel with a 1 X 8 twist. I might add that Caudle acknowledges there is a lot of nonsense bantered about regarding the effects of fluting. I did the fluting for looks only. The barrel started with an octagon shape and then finished with a flat spiral fluting pattern. It’s a thing of beauty. Our American Patriots Unsung Network team filmed the barrel being made from beginning to end. I had no idea how much is involved in creating a quality barrel. For the build, I chose the Aero Precision M4E1 lower, Aero Precision 12” S1 Forearm, and Aero Precision Parts Kit. I added a CMC Lantac E-CT1 Trigger, Hogue Hand Grip, BCM Mil-Spec Buffer Tube/spring, BCM AMBI Charging Handle, and the BCM MOD O SOPMOD Butt Stock. For the optic I selected the Aero Precision Light Weight Scope Mount and Ring Set and mounted a SIG SAUER, TANGO6 3-18X44 MM scope with a FFP illuminated MILRAD reticle. I fitted the weapon with a SilencerCo SpecWar .556 Muzzle Brake Suppressor Adapter and then suppressed it with a SilencerCo Omega 300 can. Before we hit the range, I had Bergstrom check the head space and then run his Lyman BORE CAM digital bore scope through the barrel to inspect it. From the bore hole to the throat, the lands and grooves to the crown, the internal machining of the barrel, was virtually spotless. We ran several manufacturers’ ammunition through the rifle but the Federal 69-grain Premium Gold Medal, Match King ammo performed the best. My three-shot groupings were .433, .456, .486, and .568. (.485 averaged). The temperature was 28 degrees and I was shaken like a dog passing razor blades between shots, so I was surprised with my own performance. I must admit I was pretty stoked to have a ground-up-build shooting sub-half inch MOA at 100 yards. Carl had an AR we will just call a “shit-hole” – because it was – and we can’t anger any politicians from foreign countries because the upper and lower assemblies were sub-par and the cheapest crap you could buy from several places and companies, without naming names. We mounted another .556 barrel of Carl’s on it and Bergstrom shot sub-half inch MOA with that barrel as well. So, for every shooter standing in a gun store trying to decide what AR to buy here’s a simword of advice: More often than not you get what you pay for, but at the end of the day it’s the barrel, it’s the barrel, it’s the barrel. 41 MY BUILD, MY BARREL There’s something special about building from the ground up. But the barrel is where it all begins.