American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 38

JAY DOBYNS MY BUILD, MY BARREL 39 A n AR is much like a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and I owned several of both. When you buy a Harley, no matter what it looks like, it won’t be long before you start adding chrome, louder pipes, heated seats, and an endless host of other things to make it your own. The best advice I can give to anyone buying a Harley is to start with the best motor and drive train you can afford and worry about the decorations, bling, and accessories that are sure to follow. It’s the same advice I’d give folks wanting 38 to buy an AR. Start with a really great barrel attached to a quality upper/lower. If you start there, you’ll never regret a purchase; you can worry about tricking it out with triggers, furniture, lights, optics, and other accessories later. I recently built an AR from the ground up with Jay Bergstrom, a local gunsmith, and a contributing writer to this publication. I went to Carl Caudle at Columbia River Arms and asked him to help me create a tack driver. I knew a great rifle begins with a great barrel. Caudle built me a 16” barrel from