American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 22

22 and intervention of others he wouldn’t be here today. Before you judge him for even considering the taking of his life, I caution you to consider that twenty-two heroes a day, on average, are taking their own lives. Warriors with the courage to stare down an enemy, look death in the eye, and risk their life for their fellow warriors yet return home and struggle to vanquish their own demons and enemies, struggling with guilt and grief, and struggling to connect with the person in themselves that they no longer recognize. “When I was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, one of the top hospitals in the Department of Defense where the most severely wounded service members are evacuated to for healing, I was blessed with the best clinical care that a person can receive. There’s nowhere else that I’d rather be, but emotionally it was very difficult. You’re surrounded by the worst injuries you can fathom: amputees, burn victims, traumatic brain injuries, and you witness the impact that it has on their families. I was one of the only people in the entire hospital that was expected to make a full recovery – I’ll let you contemplate that.” His book Beauty of a Darker Soul reached Amazon’s #1-bestseller status within 48 hours of its release. He has a powerful message for anyone suffering any kind of loss or trauma, helping the despondent and the depressed find light through the power of the human connection. An inspirational work with an amazing message, Beauty of a Darker Soul is a memoir that everyone should read. n 23 JAY DOBYNS