American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 122



62 he 130-acre ranch is the only privately held land in the Coronado National Forest . This wild and historic land is located forty-five minutes southeast of Tucson . It ’ s the last remaining habitat of jaguars in North America and nearby sightings have recently been captured on game cameras . There are signs of other big cats on the property , at night the food chain makes its way to the ranch to drink from the ancient Apache Spring well . The spring feeds several ponds and attracts black bears , mountain lions , deer , javelina , and every other member of the food chain including adventurers and warriors .

Thomas Gardner arrived in Sonoita , Arizona in 1859 and homesteaded the original ranch . Gardner raised his family there , along with horses and cattle . He fought off Apache warriors to include Geronimo and Cochise , and in one gunfight he was shot and wounded by Cochise . The ranch has long been home to warriors and a stone pillar not far from the ranch marks the site where the Apache Wars began .
Over the last four years the property has undergone a multi-million dollar renovation and the entire facility is now home to Boulder Crest Retreat , a place where warriors go to heal .
Established in 2013 , Boulder Crest Retreat is the product of Ken and Julie Falke , a husband and wife team from Northern Virginia . Ken is a retired US Navy EOD