American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 120

their names in the pews, Moore, along with Arlin Troyer, Dale Oliver, and Steven Curtis Chapman, reached thousands of kids – kids that the church may never have reached. Christian rock music legend Larry Norman may have first asked the question, “Why should the devil have all the good music?” but Moore made audiences rise to their feet and join along as he belted out those words off his 1987 album The Distance. An avid hunter and outdoorsman, Geoff Moore is the founder of Fellowship Adventures, a non-profit, outdoor ministry. Established in 2014, Fellowship Adventures provides small group, outdoor experiences for people in ministry and serving- based vocations. Moore is one of the most beloved artists in Christian music. For over 30 years he has played music all over the world; first, with his long- time band Geoff Moore and The Distance, and now as a solo artist. Moore is a multi-Grammy- nominated and Dove award-winner. As a songwriter, he has written or recorded over 20 Number One singles. Moore’s latest record, The Next Thing, was released in 2016, making it his 20th studio album to date. Moore is an advocate for underprivileged children. Since 1985 he has partnered with 121 EOFF MOORE HAS been serving others for more than thirty years, and I can personally attest to that. He is a patriot who loves his country, a Christian who loves God, and a man who loves his wife and children. I first met Geoff Moore in 1987 as a volunteer youth pastor of a large church in Spokane, Washington, and while serving in uniform as a SERE Specialist in the Air Force. I invited Moore and his band, The Distance, to sing at a city- wide youth rally we were hosting. The event was scheduled to last two days and ended up lasting a week. I didn’t have the money to pay for the extra days but Moore and his band stayed anyway. Their mission was reaching others for the Kingdom of Heaven, and their actions spoke louder than words. (In those days, there was a long-haired, golly-gee blond kid on the keyboards by the name of Steven Curtis Chapman. One of Moore’s best friends, Chapman had a career that was about to take off but not before paying his dues with a Christian rock band and living on a bus for weeks on end.) The entire band stayed around for a few extra days to enjoy the woods with me and breathe in a little nature. I will never forget the look on the face of an elderly board member one night when Dale Oliver, Moore’s lead guitarist, slid down the praying benches at the front of the church working his “axe,” to the enjoyment of the high school and college-age crowd. The concerts were broadcast live over the local Christian radio station every night and despite the ire of the board of elders, with their fear that these hooligan concert-goers were going to carve Watch Geoff Moore’s music video