American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 116

SURVIVAL SKILLS 116 Keep your head on a swivel and remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Situational awareness is bolstered by advance planning. Much like a spare tire and jack for that unexpected flat tire, prior planning the items on your person can make a significant difference in your survival outcome. Urban or extreme outback, your selection tools, and survival gear specific to the environment you’re in, increase the odds of your success. A concealed weapon offers protection. The type of knife you carry, the type of belt you wear, the kind of light you carry, and other self-defense items can thwart attack or provide an essential advantage. A whistle, pepper spray, handcuff key, or personal survival kit may save your life. One element often overlooked is the need for training. Survival, combative self-defense courses, and weapons classes can improve both your skills and your confidence. Today’s world conditions warrant the need for greater vigilance. Situational Awareness is one important key in improving your survivability should the unthinkable happen. 117 ADVANCE PLANNING