American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 114

114 115 ADAPT To adapt and overcome we must remain hyper vigilant to our surroundings, changes, and everything at our disposal that can help us. In the backcountry, most animals, even large predators, are afraid of humans. Most attacks occur because of surprise, the animals feeling cornered/threatened, or getting between a mother and her offspring. Adapt by wearing a bell or by making noise that announces your presence well in advance of corners and blind spots on a trail. Rather than trying to snap a selfie with a cute cub in a tree, consider that the mother is probably not far away and probably won’t appreciate your cuteness. Change course, change plans, don’t just continue into a potential danger. I was spearfishing in Hawaii with a buddy years ago and we attracted a good number of sharks. At depth, we had a good visibility and it became obvious that the sharks were interested in the speared fish my diving buddy had in his catch bag. We made a decision to abandon the caught fish. SURVIVAL SKILLS >>>