American Patriots Unsung Magazine Issue 6 - Page 110




REAL SURVIVAL SKILLS ACKNOWLEDGE The priority of any survival situation is “acknowledging” that they happen, they can happen to you, and that no place is immune to the possibility of tragedy’s reach. Whether tragedy, survival situations, or emergency situations are manmade or naturally occurring truly doesn’t matter. In SERE, instructors often zero in on those with the notion that survival situations, crashes, and emergencies, etc., happen to the other guy. We’d often have them look to the right to point a finger at the “other guy” while reminding them that at this exact same moment the person on their left was looking and pointing at them…yep you’re everyone else’s “other guy.” Enter every concert, theater, sporting event, subway, plane, or public gathering with the mindset that shit happens, evil exists, and you are not required to take it without a fight. Approach every hike, hunt, sailing venture, or backcountry outing with the mindset that mother nature and Old Man Murphy have ruined the life and day of many before you. >>>>>> Not all survival situations occur in austere locations or off the beaten path; some find us right at home and public locations in our everyday life. Real world operators and spies understand the importance of keeping your head on a swivel, using tradecraft to spot trouble, danger, tails, and those that seek to harm. Life for most of us is not on the level of fictional character Jason Borne, yet in the wake of homegrown terrorists, active shooter engagements, and an ever-growing number of evil crazy shitheads looking to make a name for themselves, it behooves all Americans to develop their situational awareness and instinctive survival skills. The church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas and the Vegas Concert Shooting are two recent examples of urban survival situations where prior planning and situational awareness could have paid off. Choose to not be a victim, develop a personal plan of action for every given environment and function you attend, and equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to make a difference. I am an advocate of conceal carry. Unless prohibited by local law or the restrictions placed on an event or gathering by law, I don’t understand why anyone would choose the path of vulnerability. First, the cowardly, evil, and despicably deranged who perpetrate these crimes seek the most vulnerable and most defenseless gathering to maximize their killings. I don’t make a trip in my car w ]]\[X[][\[H][وHXZۋ۸&][\B[H[܈ZH]]\[X[\][][\[H\[HX]HYH]]HYX[܈\K]] X[X^\[[\ˈHXوHܙX][8'[YHۙ\'BY\YKH[]\X\H[ۈ]Y\\HY\BH\[YY[[\ˈ[\\Y[BZY 8'HX\[[ۈو[H[\\[[ۋ'BLLBUPUSӐSUTST