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AMD •• AMD •• AMD MAY 2020 (#250) EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Comment - Harley - Do the Right Thing! ...................... 4 ROBIN BRADLEY [email protected] As Harley-Davidson announces pay cuts and other cost saving measures, with near to zero money coming in, why does Harley appear intent to continue spending its cash mountain on dividends and share buybacks, most other respectable corporations having suspended both? PUBLISHER SONJA WALLACE [email protected] GENERAL MANAGER SARA VINEY [email protected] TOTAL L PT PTW TW -27.61% 20,000 MOTORCYCLE NEIL BLABER [email protected] Bradley Report - Getting Strategic ................22-28 AMD presents a selection of strategic industry and statistical news from around the market, including plummeting new motorcycle sales in Europe and the latest M&A activity. Mid-USA - Product Extra ....................................52 PHOTOGRAPHERS The Missouri based distributor continues to add to its V-Factor OE replacement and performance upgrade engine parts program. ONNO WIERINGA MADNESS PHOTOGRAPHY, NL FRANK SANDER THUNDER MEDIA, DE TOLL FREE… FROM USA/ CANADA: 2020 -24.73% 40,000 AMD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP DIRECTOR 2019 41,324 BEN OAG [email protected] Italian registrations YTD 60,000 54,900 DESIGN & PRODUCTION DIRECTOR PROGUIDE: The new, the best and the must-haves ...................... 34-56 p.36 p.34 TEL: 1-866 849 5704 FAX: 1-866 521 0099 p.38 If for any reason you can’t connect via our toll free numbers then dial TEL: 01144 1892 511516 Fax: 01144 1892 511517 5, Rendlesham Mews, Rendlesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 2SZ United Kingdom TEL: 0044 (0)1892 511516 FAX: 0044 (0)1892 511517 p.40 p.40 DISCLAIMERS No part of AMD may be reproduced or used in any way without permission. The views contained in AMD are not necessarily the views of the publishers; the views of the publishers are not necessarily the views of any third parties. Every effort is made to ensure that all material included is as accurate as possible, however, neither the publishers or any third parties can be held responsible for any erroneous statements, facts, figures or just plain silly or honest mistakes or inaccuracies, howsoever caused. All trademarks, brand names and other key words are used purely for descriptive purposes. No approval, endorsement of, or involvement in the contents of AMD is implied by the use of these or any other words, names or marks associated with all or any companies. All trademarks are openly acknowledged by AMD and by any third parties included in AMD. All AMD editorial content is just exactly that, independently sourced, compiled and written editorial content for which no financial or other beneficial transaction or other kind of relationship, contractual or otherwise, has been entered into. No consequential losses or any other liabilities are accepted arising from content of any kind in AMD, howsoever caused. p.42 p.50 p.46 p.54 ‘World Championship of Custom Bike Building’ is a registered trademark of Robin A. Bradley, POST MASTER AMD (ISSN 1465-7627) is published monthly by, 5, Rendlesham Mews, Rendlesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 2SZ, United Kingdom. Subscription price $200 per year. Postmaster: Please send address changes to: AMD,, 5, Rendlesham Mews, Rendlesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP12 2SZ, United Kingdom or e-mail to [email protected] Print by Warners Midlands bourne, lincolnshire, Gb ISSN 1465-7627 AMERICAN MOTORCYCLE DEALER - MAY 2020 3