American Motorcycle Dealer AMD 221 December 2017

™ R NOW IN OU 26 EA t R h Y T H E L E A D I N G B U S I N E S S M A G A Z I N E F O R T H E I N T E R N AT I O N A L C U S T O M M O T O R C Y C L E A N D PA RT S I N D U S T RY DEC 2017 MAG’s debt recapitalization designed ISSUE #221 to allow it to “exploit growth FREE WITH opportunities” - Andy Graves, CEO THIS ISSUE he news that the Motorsport Aftermarket Group (MAG) was eliminating approximately $300 million in debt through the Chapter 11 process (November 15, 2017) sent shockwaves around an already nervous industry. The company’s release that announced the news was quite detailed and transparent, but that didn’t stop the rumor mill going into overdrive, with some online media outlets rushing to “false and dramatic conclusions rather than reporting the facts,” said MAG CEO Andy Graves when AMD Magazine interviewed him a week after the news had become public. Back in February 2017 when we interviewed him at the Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice/MAG Brands Dealer Expo in Texas, we did so in the context of industry rumors about the Group’s viability at that time, following a round of cost control measures in the late summer of 2016. In February one of the first questions I put to him was whether or not the T company was trading profitably. He assured me that business was profitable at that time. So, after the initial industry noise about the recent Filings had calmed down somewhat, that was again one of the first questions I put to him. “Absolutely,” was Graves’ immediate response. “In fact, if we were not, then we wouldn’t have been able to put we believe we are well structured together this kind of capital restructuring plan at all. “When Lacy Diversified Industries (LDI) bought MAG and merged it with Tucker Rocky/Biker’s Choice in early 2014, the motorcycle parts and accessory market had two or three years of growth under its belt. At that stage the motorcycle industry was one of many specialty leisure based consumer markets to have seen some recovery, and the widespread Destiny Cycles’ “Gold Rush” expectation at that stage was that, even if modest, there would continue to be at least some form of growth in the years ahead. “Based on those judgements LDI financed the transaction with a fairly high leverage. It is only ever with the benefit of hindsight that such judgements can themselves be judged. As everybody now knows, the three years since then simply have not seen that growth sustain. “The company could have continued to manage through to the 2020 and 2021 due dates on its long-term debt, but given what we have all been seeing in the market in 2017, the decision was taken to use the off- season to act now and restructure that debt in such a way that the company could continue to meet whatever market conditions lie ahead. “This recapitalization of our balance sheet is designed to make sure that we are sufficiently well financed to ensure job security for our valued team members, and that the business can continue to pay its way and to exploit Continues on page 6 >>> Congratulations to Vic and Lin Jefford of Destiny Cycles, UK - ‘Best in Show’ at the recent Bigtwin Bikeshow & Expo with ‘Gold Rush’, see pages 32-33 SHOW REVIEW Motorcycle Storehouse catalog V.13