AmCham Macedonia Summer 2015 (Issue 46) - Page 34

It Takes a Village ... continued from page 7 Conclusions Harnessing the power of internships is not easy for a small, SME-dominated economy like Macedonia. However, expanding internship opportunities for students and recent graduates would likely help combat the country’s stubbornly high unemployment rate in a proactive and creative way. Without expansion of the practice, the continuous development of talented and ambitious young people is likely to be truncated, causing them to be overlooked by local employers and resulting in brain drain. Fortunately, the increasing popularity of Macedonia as an FDI destination is breathing new life into the local labor market on the demand side. With the views and preferences of foreign companies already influencing the practices of local partners and the local labor market, more (and more meaningful) internship opportunities are appearing. Savvy local corporate leaders will want to be at the forefront of this transformation, lest they risk losing a competitive edge to more proactive players. Transitioning from Intern ... continued from page 11 Today I’m employed in Makedonski Telekom and my job includes taking part in various software development projects providing client-oriented solutions. I work on application development and upgrades, testing and support, as well as database system configuration and application migration. “” and “” are among the well-known portals I’ve worked on. AmCham Board of Directors President Miroslav Marchev Tax and Legal Services Director PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ltd. Skopje 1st Vice President Mirjana Tanevska-Efremova Member of Management Board Makedonijaturist, Inc. Skopje 2nd Vice President Selim Simbil General Manager Wabtec MZT, Inc. Skopje Secretary Treasurer Slavko Projkoski Author: Irena Ivanovska, Specialist for Segment in the Chief Operating Officer Customer Area. As a graduate student in Economics, the advertisement for interns without any previous work experience in one of the most profitable companies on our market, Makedonski Telekom, was very interesting. Very soon after applying, I was invited to join the team within the Chief Financial Officer Area. It sounded like an excellent opportunity and a place where I would be able to apply what I knew; and, that was really the case. As a first-time intern it was a real challenge to fit within the day-to-day activities of such a developed company. But via teamwork, knowledge sharing within my team, a shared commitment, orientation and responsibility to meet goals, I was able to contribute. The experience and knowledge that I gained during the 6-month internship helped me get a job on the staff of Channel Management immediately afterwards. Getting this job increased my motivation, responsibility and, of course, commitment to carrying out my new duties. A few years later, my desire for advancement, acquisition of new knowledge and expertise in other areas led to the next challenge and a new level in my career. I became part of the Marketing and Product Team of T-Mobile. This was an entirely new experience and a challenge that entailed assuming greater professional res ۜ