AmCham Macedonia Summer 2015 (Issue 46) - Page 14

ANALYSIS My successful path interning & working for ArcelorMittal Skopje Sanja Ivanovska, Customer Service Unit Support The only way to achieve your goals in life is through hard work and persistence. This belief – combined with a positive attitude and self-confidence – led me to my internship at ArcelorMittal Skopje. As a young enthusiast, I was very happy for the opportunity to become part of the global ArcelorMittal Corporation. I started my internship in September 2013 in the Customer Service Unit where I helped implement projects related to corporate health & safety standards. During those 5 months, I was surrounded by positive people and a very dynamic environment. The work helped me develop my communication and organizational skills. My open-minded colleagues helped me to fit in and taught me how to do my job. The environment motivated me to progress and learn because I had real responsibilities and really felt like a valued member of the team. After completing my internship, the company offered me a job. I continued working on the same issues, but my work is now more analytical. Over this year and a half, I’ve developed myself as a professional. I now have a foundation of essential skills that can be developed over time. ArcelorMittal Skopje internships offer great work experience in a lot of areas. From my point of view, applied work, including fieldwork, is a vital part of scientific education. It helps students develop their understanding of science and its dependence on evidence. It also gives them essential, hands-on skills required for a career in science. All students need the opportunity to do exciting and varied experiments and research. I encourage all enthusiasts (graduates, post-graduate students, first-time job seekers) to apply for an internship, because it is a priceless opportunity. It will help you develop first and foremost as a person, then as a productive member of the workforce. We all need to continue our personal and professional development; the best way to do this is within an organization that recognizes your potential and is willing to invest in it. So my message to other young people is to give it your best, make your own story and be persistent! 14   Summer 2015 Issue 46