AmCham Macedonia Summer 2015 (Issue 46) - Page 10

ANALYSIS What is an American Intern Doing at Pivara Skopje?! Author: Seneca Rasey, Public Affairs & Communications Intern at Pivara Skopje AD,    Global Studies Major at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania When I heard about the international internship program at my university, I immediately knew I had to apply. I have always loved learning about new cultures and I hope to live and work abroad someday, so this was a perfect opportunity to gain not only business experience but life experience as well. Lehigh University currently has student interns placed in 26 countries, covering a variety of focuses. The application process is competitive and I was offered a position in Macedonia at Pivara Skopje AD. I was interested in working at Pivara for many reasons. As one of the leading companies in Macedonia and part of the Coca-Cola and Heineken international families, there are countless opportunities to make connections and learn from the best in both the domestic and world markets. As an intern in the Public Affairs and Communications department, the team has welcomed me with open arms and incorporated me into several of Pivara’s key projects. I was very involved with the recent Art & Beer project, a unique exhibition featuring an original blend of the most famous representatives of contemporary art in Macedonia and the art of making beer, which 10   Summer 2015 Issue 46 Pivara is particularly tied to. I am excited to attend the Galicnik wedding and the Ohrid Summer Festival with the team where Pivara continues to promote and protect Macedonia’s cultural heritage. I have also learned about more of Pivara’s leading CSR projects, including the Coca-Cola Cup and their Health & Safety Volunteers program in primary schools. I love seeing how the company goes beyond simply providing refreshments and to really make an impact by interacting with the community. I appreciate that the Public Affairs & Communications team trusts me with tasks and responsibilities, allowing me to truly participate and feel like a part of the company. While I am primarily interning in the Public Affairs & Communications department, I have had the chance to spend a few days with other teams, including commercial, beer production, and AFB production. It has been great to interact with other departments in the office and on the field to learn about their work as well as how the departments work together as one team. I have developed many cross-cultural skills, both inside and outside of the workplace, and I have had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people. This internship has allowed me to gain practical experience and skills which will be applicable in any possible future career. This experience h \