Amateur Astrophotography ISSUE 03 Amateur Astrophotography Ezine Issue 03

ASTROPHOTOGRAPHY AMATEUR ISSUE 03 THI I S SSU E’ DSO S PI HEEL G A L A X NW Y M 10 1 DA YSTA R SoaREDI l .7A 80 m m REVI EW A L SO I N THI I S SSU E OBSERVA TORY BU I D: L A great step by step article, from a patch of grass, to a fully working observatory ----------------------------------PI PRESSU RE ER Step by step article showing us how to erect a pier for your mount. Excellent Article PL U S M U CH M ORE OF THE SA M E!!!! ----------------------------------- STEPHEN W . RA M SDEN An EXCLUSIVE article for Amateur Astrophotography Ezine w w w .am ateu r tr pho gr as o to aphy m .co