AM Exclusive Technicity Newsletter Issue 9 Small Business Leaders Edition - Page 2

only that , but not everyone is “ made ” for remote work . Some find coming to the office every day energizing , not draining . Every person has a different ideal mix of working in the office or working remotely , depending on their lifestyle , personality , and gifts . And I believe that the more diverse a group of people , the better the ideas are that emerge from their collaboration .
What I see coming out of all of this for the future is flexible work environments becoming the norm . Depending on how often an employee frequents the office will dictate their setup , those working a certain number of days in the office will have dedicated desks , and others will book shared workspaces . Perhaps more companies will enter into partnerships to share office real estate ( given the number of team members work remotely ) and the
office will turn into mostly a collaboration space . As we expand upon our technology offerings , we are holding this idea in mind . I see the transformation of how we work as a society coming and am looking forward to it — and I believe we will all be better off .
- Jaclyn Morse , Vice President



The greatest and , at times , the worst thing about

Microsoft Teams is all the things you can do with it . Once you start focusing on using it beyond chat , it can transform into a hub from which your entire team collaborates to produce better results . But until you get your processes down and build your structures , it can feel very much at times like the Wild West .
Given all the possibilities , you will inevitably find yourself in a situation where making a tweak to a Team name , channel , planner board , etc ., will be necessary as you uncover a more effective way of organizing something . However , beware . While Microsoft Teams makes it very easy to rename something , doing so can break links in the background and can lead to lost work that can be extremely difficult — and sometimes impossible — to recover .
• Consider creating a new Team / Channel / Planner Board and transfer the information from the old one . Once the new one is up and running , delete the original . Although it may seem like more work , the result will be much cleaner , and you won ’ t risk losing any information .
• If you must rename something , reach out to your IT Team for assistance first . There are many moving parts within Microsoft Teams that will need to be adjusted post-rename .
• Try to plan ahead to minimize renaming situations . While renaming is possible and seemingly easy from the outside , Microsoft Teams is a complex application behind the curtain . It is best to name things correctly from the start .