AM Exclusive Technicity Newsletter Issue 8 IT Leaders Edition

October 2020 IT Leaders EDITION



# 08

Business Technology + sychronicity


" Constant kindness can accomplish much . As the sun makes ice melt , kindness causes misunderstanding , mistrust , and hostility to evaporate .” – Albert Schweitzer

With the economy being slow , we ’ ve

shifted our focus to renovating the structure of our business these last few weeks .
After reading Reinventing Organizations : A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness , by Frédéric Laloux , I discovered the world of self-management . I am hopeful implementing this can create more opportunities for everyone at A M Exclusive .
Part of this was creating a company Constitution , where we outline the basic structure we are looking to achieve and our Core Values are listed . One of these values that is very pertinent today with the sharp changes forced on everyone is creating a “ Community of Kindness ”:
Life is short – we want to try to spend it by being as happy as possible , and to spread as much joy as we can ! To us , business IS personal & we view all that we work with as members of our community . We recognize that everyone goes through pain & tribulations and that being kind and respectful in all our interactions can make a difference .
If you ’ re interested in self-management concepts I ’ d love to chat , please reach out to me !
- Jaclyn Morse , Vice President