AM Exclusive Technicity Newsletter Issue 7 IT Leaders Edition

AUGUST 2020 IT Leaders EDITION TECHNICITY ISSUE #07 Business Technology + sychronicity WHERE IS YOUR FOCUS? "Our pain can be our greatest teacher. It leads us to places we’d never go on our own." – Debbie Ford There is so much going on in the world; the level of chaos has risen. Many are becoming overwhelmed by moments of sadness, frustration, anger, fear. But through the chaos, there are threads of unity, hope, and joy. Where you put your focus has the power to transform your world—you choose where and what to spend more of your time on. Are you focused on the protesters that are looting, the police officers that are using excessive force? Or the overwhelming number of people of mixed races, gender, and ages, gathering peacefully together to call for needed change with love, and the police officers that are supporting that? Are you focused on the politicians that are spreading messages of divisiveness? Or the voices of those more balanced and grounded leaders trying their best to seek pathways for the highest good of all? Are you focused on all the things that could be going better in your business? Or are you focused on gratitude for all that is going right, choosing to see the future’s potential? Are you focused on all that has been lost through the COVID-19 crisis? Or do you see how the collective pain experienced through this worldwide slowdown can spark us to make the changes we need to have a brighter future for us all? - Jaclyn Morse, Vice President