AM Exclusive Technicity Newsletter Issue 4 - Page 4 (718) 690-2044 Technicity Newsletter is published by Tulip Media Group. All content, copyright © 2020, Tulip Media Group. All rights reserved. WELCOME TO A M EXCLUSIVE’S EDUCATIONAL NEWSLETTER TECHNICITY You are receiving this newsletter because either your company has a contract with us or sometime over the last couple of years, your company crossed our path by utilizing one of our services. PRINT MANAGEMENT We save you money & time by managing your printers & auto-shipping supplies. SECURE PRINT SOLUTIONS WHY SHOULD YOU OPEN THIS? INSIDE YOU WILL FIND: The Connection Between Gratitude & Joy How Jeopardy’s All-Time Greatest Failed Cybersecurity Printer Firmware: To Update or Not To Update? How To Claim a $25 Reward We help you to set policies & implement software to reduce vulnerabilities. HIGH-SPEED COPIERS Don’t be fooled by leasing tricks! We can help you make the best decisions by making your costs transparent. PRINT RELOCATION PLANNING If your business is moving we can help to transform your printer/copier fleet into an optimized setup that keeps costs down, improves security & is simpler to manage.