AM Exclusive Technicity Newsletter Issue 4

January 2020 IT Leader Edition TECHNICITY ISSUE #04 Business Technology + sychronicity It’s not joy that makes us grateful, it’s gratitude that makes us joyful. – David Steindl-Rast W ith busy work days naturally focusing our attention on tasks that have not yet been completed and issues that are not yet resolved, taking moments to express gratitude is easily missed. Yet it can be a powerful tool to create a joyful attitude, and when we find a way to be joyful, everything comes easier. It is because of connections like yours that our company has been able to exist since 1986—and I am so grateful for the people that make up A M Exclusive who I am able to work with every day! To kick of 2020, I want to take this time to express gratitude for your connection with A M Exclusive— however you found us (or we found you!) along the way. Wishing You Joy, - Jaclyn Morse, Vice President Cybersecurity Stumps Jeopardy’s All-Time Greatest I n mid-January, Jeopardy brought back some its smartest, winningest contestants—and they got a D- in the “Cybersecurity” category, getting only 60 percent of these five questions correct. What is most interesting is the contestants didn’t just get 40 percent wrong, they had no response for the following questions: Q: Companies consider cybersecurity when instructing employees with a policy on BYOD, short for this. A: What Is Bring Your Own Device? Q: Beware of these types of programs that track every stroke you make while typing in an effort to glean your password. A: What Is Keylogging? This means that the most basic cybersecurity concepts were unknown to literal geniuses. Keep this thought in mind when you are trying to explain cybersecurity issues to other business leaders, especially when you need them to spend more money!