AM Exclusive Technicity Newsletter Issue 2

September, 2019 TECHNICITY ISSUE #02 Business Technology + Synchronicity BUILDING THE A M EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY L ast month we issued our first client newsletter—and it has been a long time coming. Most of you were probably taken by surprise, and some of you may not have even recognized our company name as others in your organization have been managing the business relationship with us. As I have reflected on A M Exclusive in the last year, I realized that we have not been doing enough to bring continuous value to you beyond the day-to-day services we provide. But this is going to change. We are shifting how we define our relationship with our customers, vendors, and employees by seeing you as you are: members of our A M Exclusive community. As one of the leaders of this community, going forward I am making a commitment to provide consistent communication and to always look for ways that I can help you. “There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” — Margaret Wheatley - Jaclyn Morse, Vice President HELP US HELP OTHERS LIKE YOU W e want to bring more value to our community by finding other companies with high integrity that can help you. To start in this endeavor, we need your help! We would love to hear about any local vendor that you have used that has helped your company and provided great customer service. If we find their service could help our client community, we’ll write an article in our newsletter about how they can help and feature them on our website at recommendations. This month we have added Mrs. Paper, a local, woman-owned business that can help you to procure quality paper at a great price. DON’T FORGET! In our last issue we introduced our Synergy 550 Club, which is our customer referral program where you can earn up to $500 for you or your charity! For details visit