Alumnus Vol.54, No.2

Greetings from the President I was delighted to share an overview of the last five years with the National community during our annual homecoming celebration in Lombard and to a packed house during our alumni luncheon at the Florida Chiropractic Association’s August convention. My goal was to highlight both the manner and stimulus for the ways in which the university has traveled down an enriched path to continued realization of the NUHS mission. Always with the student in mind, we addressed the physical plant and how our students interface the educational environment – collaboratively and data enriched. We have greatly improved areas for students to come together and interact personally. We have also increased access to data for all of the university community. However, I liken data access to closet space. You can never have enough and you’ll quickly use all of what is available. Data sharing infrastructure is certainly an enduring focus on a modern university campus. The physical plant, cloud computing, and data sharing are part of a complex fabric of support for our faculty and staff. National is committed to the human resource that defines the differences amongst colleges and universities. People make all the difference in the world. At National we continue to reach for the next level. We want to reach the next generation of students, with next level technology, with next level methods. In higher education, to attain that goal, institutional wide data access and subsequent planning is in the forefront. And we have embraced that challenge. As communicated earlier this summer, the Higher Learning Commission removed the university’s notice designation and has recognized the campus-wide efforts and the progress that has been made in the areas of assessment and planning. The notice designation is/was a new level of reporting mandated by the accrediting agency to foster an additional level of transparency for all of the colleges and universities under its purview and it should be noted that National was never out of compliance. The university’s assessment plan has essentially completed its first iteration, and will continue to be honed as part of the university’s continuous improvement. Additionally, National continues to advance long range planning with more than a dozen themes guiding our direction and focus such that we can gather increased detail regarding budget allocations and target strategic goals. This level of detail will make the process and end result more accessible to various accrediting agencies as well as internal institutional stakeholders. Homecoming 2018 Highlights Alumni News I hope all who attended our Homecoming and FCA luncheon enjoyed hearing about our continued success. I hope to speak more about the happenings of the university next year as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of our Florida site at our 2019 homecoming celebration in Florida. While I cannot share all of the details with you just yet, we will be announcing the location and date for our Florida celebration very soon. I’ll see you in Florida! NUHS News Joe Stiefel, MS, EdD, DC President National University of Health Sciences Alumni Ambassadors