Alumnus Vol. 54, No. 1

Greetings from the President Success. Success.Success. That is what you will find in this edition of the Alumnus. Evidenced here in the digital pages you’ll find confir- mation of our long and continued success. I can only imagine what the challenges might have been for the all female cohort of one of our earliest classes. To endeavor the education of a newly formed profes- sion in the early nineteen-hundreds speaks to the pioneering and for- ward thinking conviction that continues within our institution today. You will read about that pioneering spirit and leadership which fellow alumni represent in all types of communities in the following pages. In our backyard Dr. Konarski-Hart is an example of leadership and collaborative spirit that has lead to national recognition. While farther afield, Drs. Irene Cheung and Jennifer Gantzer have found international success in the Netherlands and Hong Kong. While each of these alumni received and excelled at our broad scope education, how they deploy that knowl- edge differs. Interest, patient needs, and experience certainly play a part in how Nation- al’s graduates practice, but the common trait that I most often see is leadership. There is just something about our university that attracts leaders. Current examples would be Dr. Dean Smith, recently recognized as the ACA Researcher of the Year, and of course current ACA President, Dr. Ray Tuck, Jr. While the university continues to grow and innovate, we will continually work to culti- vate that pioneering spirit. Through new programs or new approaches to pedagogy, we will work to raise good to great. We will identify challenges and advance opportunity. We will support our students and herald our future pioneers. Homecoming 2018 Alumni News Esse Quam Videri Joe Stiefel, MS, EdD, DC President National University of Health Sciences NUHS News Alumni Ambassadors