Alumnus-E-Magazine-2021 | Page 2

Preserving the legacy

Dear Alum ,
You are the pioneers that are defining integrative healthcare for future generations ! As a National alum , you are a part of a profound community of leaders that are united in supporting the profession , encouraging each other ’ s professional endeavors and inspiring the advancement of healthcare .
National is partnered with you for life . Your experiences at National represent more than an exceptional education , but a place where you found your passion , established roots and built your community . Within those moments you cultivated relationships with classmates , faculty and administrators that will last a lifetime . From the minute you stepped on to campus , to the first exam , to your first clinic hours , to holding your diploma , to treating your first patient and beyond ; National is with you .
National would not have the influence and presence it does today without your ongoing support , dedication and involvement . It is alumni like YOU that champion to empower our university to lead in the growing field of integrative healthcare .
Join your fellow alumni in supporting this mission by investing in the National Giving Clubs ! One Mission . One Champion . One National . Can we rely on you to preserve the legacy ? Esse Quam Videri
Sincerely ,
Tracy McHugh , MBA Vice President for Administrative Services